7 Ways To Safely Remove Something Stuck In Your Eye


Hey there, ! Got something in your eye?  It can be so frustrating. Not to mention scary.

Your eyes have their own defense system to stop  foreign particles from entering. Your eyelashes and eyelids do their job pretty well. But still,  the odd dust particle might find its way in.

In today’s video, we’ll be discussing 7 ways  to safely remove something stuck in your eye. How do you use a Q-tip? What is a submerging  technique? Why should you NOT rub your eyes?

We will be talking about all of these AND more…

First, wash your hands before touching your eyes
Got something stuck in your eye? What’s your first  instinct? Of course, you’ll try to take it out with your hands or fingers without wasting  any time. But did you wash your hands? No!
Every time there’s anything  irritating the eyes or skin, you have the sudden urge to whip it away with  your hands or fingers. This urge for quick relief makes you forget to wash your hands,  which is extremely unhygienic and dangerous. Wondering why? Your hands have  bacteria and dirt on them!  

This can cause some serious  eye problems and infections.
So before you do anything,  disinfect your hands first. This means washing them with antibacterial soap.

How often do you wash your hands each  day? Do you keep sanitizer with you?  

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Do Not Rub Your Eyes
So you cleaned your hands.  What would be your next move to get rid of whatever’s irritating your eyes?

Well here’s one thing not to do. Never rub them! It will only cause more irritation  to your beautiful eyes. Or worse, if the particle is even slightly big, it  can scratch your eyeball. Scary, right?

Instead of rubbing your eyes, try to blink  your eyelids as fast as you can. Blinking your eyes continuously will help get rid of  that irritating dust particle in no time. Did you know your eyelids are designed in  a way that cleans your eyes? Pretty wild. See If You Can Spot What Got Into Your Eyes
Let’s face it, we all get paranoid when  there is something bothering our eyes. It starts watering. It feels itchy. It makes  you crazy. Your eyes sometimes water so hard, you feel like it’s impossible  to look into the mirror.
I remember getting a mosquito in my eyes once.  It sure wasn’t fun. I kept wondering if I would need an emergency eye surgery to get the  THING out. It just disappeared somewhere.  
And if you’re like me, you  can also lose a contact lens!
That stuff is real and a nightmare. So the  question is how to deal with situations like that?  
Well don’t frighten yourself even more by  overthinking. Sit back in a relaxed position. Hold a mirror closer to your face. A handheld  makeup mirror is good if you have one handy.

When you’re ready, try finding  the cause of irritation.  
One great way is to move your pupils in a circular  fashion. As if you’re looking in all possible directions. Still unable to find it? Relax, sit  in front of a mirror, and examine your upper lid. That’s where all these tiny particles often  disappear. If you don’t find it there, look into your lower lid instead. Stretch  it slightly and pull the thing out. You can use a q-tip for this, if you aren’t sure  about poking your finger into your eyes.

Use a Q-tip. But before you use it, take a few deep breaths and calm down. We  often make mistakes when we are panicking.  And I don’t want you to hurt your eyes. Sit in  front of your mirror and relax for a second. Now hold your eyelid with one hand. Use the other  hand to roll the Q-tip against the particle.  

Make sure that you’re using a damp  Q-tip. With this rolling motion, the particle will stick  onto the damp Q-tip easily. If your eyes are very watery and sort of  itchy, you can use rose water specifically made for the eyes. Or any eye drop  to calm the irritation as well.
Follow it up by soothing your eyes with an ice  pack. Your cool eye mask is a good option too.

Before we move ahead, here is another  video you might like to watch.  

Do you know what your eye color says about  you? Watch this video to learn more about it. Clean your eyes with water Have you ever tried rinsing your  eyes with water, but didn’t succeed?  

I definitely seem to have a bit of bad luck  in this department. Besides getting a mosquito in my eye, I have also once accidentally  gotten lime juice in them. Don’t ask how!  
Limes can cause a lot of drama  when you’re hand juicing them.

But the thing is that they cause  your eyes to sting for quite a while.  
And the uncomfortable sensation doesn’t go  away with just splashing your eyes in water.  
Even a simple dust particle can cause  intense irritation with a burning sensation.

So what should you do?We are here to  introduce you to another technique…  
submerging your eyes in clean  water. It is pretty simple to do. All you will need is an eyecup or a bowl  of water to get rid of the itchiness.
As you know, the eyes are very sensitive, so  I advise you to disinfect the eyecup first.  

Next, fill it halfway with fresh water or an  eyewash solution. Keep the eyecup on the eye to be treated. Make sure the cup is firmly pressed  into your skin, so that no liquid is leaking. Now, lay back while still holding the cup  tightly to your skin. Do not let water slide down from the sides. Slowly open your eyes. Can  you feel the water? Your eyes will be submerged. Move your eyes up and down, and side to side.   The liquid will wash your eyes thoroughly removing  the irritant AND calming the irritation. If you do not have an eyecup, use a bowl of water. But  make sure you disinfect it. Especially the rims. When using a water bowl, put your  head in the bowl with eyes wide open. Don’t have eyewash handy? You  can make your own and store it. Use it in emergency situations like these. Here is  a quick recipe to make a sterile solution at home. You can use it as an eye rinse or  a nose rinse for relief from sinus. When made correctly, saline rinse  is just like distilled water. This recipe is for making 1% percent  saline solution. You need 4 cups of boiled water. And by boiled water I mean the  water should have been boiling for 20 minutes.  
Cool it down. Get 2 tablespoons  of non-iodized solution, a mixing utensil, and a disinfected  airtight container with a fitting lid. Sterilize your mixing utensil  and the airtight container. Mix in the salt with the boiled water. Stir until  dissolved completely. Store in the container. 
Make sure you have disinfected your hands at the  start as well. Your homemade eye rinse is ready!
Flush your eyes out for the right amount of time How long should the eyes be  washed? Let’s sort this out. If the irritation is caused by soap or shampoo, five minutes are enough. In case the  irritation is caused by a chemical or   alkali like sodium or calcium hydroxide,  wash your eyes for at least 60 minutes. You need to seek expert advice in  case of contact with chemicals. If you don’t like the submerging technique,  hold your eye in running tap water. Tilt your head slightly so the water runs  through your eye. This tactic should also work. But what if you get chilli pepper into your eyes?  
Do not wash it with water. This can increase  the burning sensation. Instead, wash it with milk. Its acidic components break down the  hot particles in pepper that cause burning. Make sure you get rid of any remaining chilli  from your hands by dipping them in milk.  
Do this before you rinse your eyes.
Have someone help you When you cannot do something on your own, get  help. Ask your friend to look for the irritant.  
Give them the Q-tip, while you widen your eyes.  Let them examine what’s causing the trouble. But friends can only get you so far. You  need to take care of your eyes yourself. To help you, there are natural  ways to boost your eye health.  
You can get rid of eye bags as well  as improve your eyesight. Here’s how…
Watch 17 Easy Home Remedies  To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags You can also try 13 Natural Ways To  Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses These 2 videos will surely help improve your  eye health so go ahead and give it a watch! Also, don’t forget to like and subscribe  to our channel. Did you ever get something  
stuck in your eye? How did you remove  it? Let us know in the comments below.

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