Cold Brew Coffee – Explained | How to make Cold Brew Coffee


What is a cold drink? Why do you need to try it? How do you make it? But first, let’s talk something if you are about to make a cold drink at home from scratch, then you are now obsessed with coffee and that is great! Now let me be of help.

So what is a cold drink in principle, a cold drink is very simple, you get ground coffee, add cold water at a temperature that allows it to seep for 12 to 24 hours, and then filter it out of the liquid, but there are two things that you need to keep in mind Firstly, you need to use ground coffee beans and not instant coffee, as the two types are completely separate? secondly, the amount of time the coffee spills depends on the size of the grind, the coarser the grind, the longer the time it is leaked now.

let’s talk about brewing Hot coffee and cold coffee are made in Reality from different compounds such as oils, sugars, and acidic compounds, these compounds are naturally oxidized or decomposed, but adding heat speeds up this process now and this is what gives hot coffee the balance between sugars and acids present in the other hand, the cold drink uses twice the amount of coffee while brewing it at a temperature Cooler now because no heat is applied, the cold temperature actually slows down possesses an oxidation process that results in less acidity and smoother, rounder coffee flavors.

Now that we understand the concept let’s go to make a batch of cold coffee now, good brew comes from good quality coffee beans and right grinding so shouted to my friend Harsh Raikar who is a coffee consultant in Goa, he linked me with some amazing coffee and v60 which is Great for overpouring so the grind size totally depends on you, the cold brew is prepared with coarse grinding, but I chose a medium grind for a more intense flavor, so we’ll do that. Start by adding 100 grams of ground coffee to one liter of plain filtered water.

I am using a very basic glass jar here, avoiding plastic or any porous materials now, you want to stir this well to make sure the grind is wet and wet put a cap on it and make sure it is loose because the coffee tends to release carbon dioxide during the early stages of brewing now put it In the fridge for 12 to 24 hours it totally depends on how strong you want and again the size of your grind Now Strain this with cheesecloth or even a fine mesh sieve will work if I choose a paper filter you want to rinse quickly first because I went for a medium grind And it’s much finer.

I’ve brewed my collection for exactly 12 hours and I’m going to use a paper filter that takes care of all the fine particles and results in a soft cold drink or whatever is left of it, it will take longer but hey, it works and because my obsession has no limits, I filtered it once Others just to be very sure, well, let’s try this, I’m skeptical, to be honest, oh yeah, that’s nice, it has a very clean flavor and it’s not strong at all, I think it would be a perfect coffee for beginners if you aren’t really into coffee and just want to Dip your toes few Hmm,

I suggest you go for this as it has no acidity at all that you would get from espresso or a stronger batch of hot coffee and because this coffee has been brewed for only 12 hours it has a very subtle aroma and a lovely flavor of fresh coffee, but before You leave this time, I want to see your attempts at making your own cold brew.

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