HOW TO: Cut Your Own Hair [2021] DIY Haircut


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In today’s article I will cutting my own hair, I will be showing you how I went from this to this…
Ever since the pandemic started I have been  working from home for more than half a year now and as you can see my hair  has also grown quite long. I haven’t visit a salon in life forever so I  thought it time I learn how to cut my own hair. So this mean I won’t be seeing my  hair stylist for a very long time.
I have long hair all my life so this  time I wanted something different. Since this is my first time cutting  my own hair If I screw up, nobody will know as I will be quarantined in my own house for the rest of winter.
If it looks horrible and I can’t bear to look  at it I can always tie it up And wait for it to eventually grow back. In this article, I will be using a cape, two hair elastics, hair cutting scissor, a couple of hair clips and a curling iron.

At first I thought about cutting my  hair and just above my shoulder but I’m not brave enough to do that just yet.
So I’m thinking about cutting my hair  just a little bit past my shoulder right about here and that’s  where my comfort level is.
Before I start I’m going to wrap this cape around me so that the hair doesn’t  fall on my clothes or on me.
I purchased the cape from a hair salon store but if you don’t have one you can purchase  one in an online store such as Amazon.
Or you can save some money by cutting  a hole on the bottom of a plastic bag and then putting it over your head.
First you will need to divide your hair in half.
Then use this hair elastic band to tie  where you want to cut your hair up to.
Since I will be cutting the hair above the  elastic I will be moving the elastic just below where I want to cut my hair.
This is because I don’t want to cut above the hair elastic so that it can hold the  hair together after I cut it.
You can cut below the elastic but then you would  get a whole bunch of loose hair everywhere.
I think if you cut above the elastic, it is much  neater and there is less to clean up later.
Before cutting my hair I’m just making  sure that both side of my hair are even.
I have only one pair of hair cutting scissors  so I’ll be using this throughout the video.
I did have a pair of scissors but I can’t  find it right now so this will have to do.
So here we go… I’m actually a little nervous as  cutting your own hair can be a little scary.
Well that wasn’t so bad and  it took under a minute only. It was quick and easy since my hair is thin and I  don’t have very much hair to begin with anyways.
Now we’re going to do the same to the other side.
Both sides are now done. If you have thicker hair you  might want to use bigger scissors.
I don’t think this looks perfectly even.
It looks quite straight and uneven at  the same time if that makes any sense.

Next I’m going to use this clip to clip  some of my hair back and out of the way. I am not going to thin too much  because I already have thin hair. I took a little break so that I  can find my hair thinning scissors. If I use this to thin my hair, I could be here all  night so I’m going to use this to thin my hair. This part takes a lot of patience  if you want it to look right. One of the main reasons that I wanted to try short hair is because I feel that I  shed a lot of hair while it’s too long. Especially after washing my hair and coming  out of the shower I lose a lot of hair. I think that short hair  should be easier to manage. So far I only seen one side of my hair and if you  can see it this side looks a  little bit better than this.
Now I’m going to do the same to this side. Now that both sides are done, I’m going to  take a look at the back to see if it’s even. I don’t have any confidence thinning my hair from the back So I’m going to snip it from the front  and snip away at it slowly.
Just checking everything one more  time to see if everything looks good. I usually like to layer my hair just a tiny  bit because I don’t like having it all the way behind my ears so I’m going to take a little bit out And layer a little bit of the  front and snip it on a diagonal. It’s actually really weird if I have only one side  layer so I’m going to do the same to this side. And I’m just going to layer just a little bit. I’m taking a little hair at a  time and trimming it downwards.

Lastly, I will be using my curling  iron to curl the end inwards.
And this is the final look.
Overall I think I am pretty proud of myself. I can still go to the grocery store  without feeling ashamed of my haircut. Although it is far from perfect I  am still okay with the way it looks. I also wanted to point out that I am not  a professional And I am just cutting my hair as a normal person who is doing this for the first time. I think I could get used to this and  I could be cutting my hair more often. This is a great way to save  money during this difficult time.
Let me know what you think about my  new haircut in the comments below.
Thank you so much and  I hope to see you in my next article!

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