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Hello and welcome back to Annah Blog. For those who know me, welcome back! For those who don’t, my name is Annah, I’m an international designer of the Annah Collection belt line, and stylist, maker of the ‘Dress Your Shape Program’. And I’m here to show you how to elevate and empower yourself through style.

It’s one more tool you’d have in your tool bag because when you look good, you feel good and you do good. Today we’re talking about elevating your loungewear, your sweatpants, those items that you’re wearing probably every day of your life and you’re thinking “I’m tired of these clothes!

How do I elevate,

how do I use these pieces to lift my spirit?

Because I just feel a little blot in them”. So, I have 5 outfit ideas for you that I hope will inspire you and give you a little bit of motivation to put a little pep in your step, through some of the color usage, some of the textures, maybe the shoes… So, here they are! Ok,

the first outfit is a monochromatic outfit.

I think that this is so sophisticated and so elegant, especially for loungewear. It just adds this level of chicness and “stylishness”, if that’s even a word. So monochromatic is a great way to go. This is a cream top with this kind of sweatpants/trouser pants that I’ve picked up at Target. I love the detailing on the shoulders. I threw on a necklace and… voilá! Really easy, I did a little half-tuck to the side. I know some of the ladies that I work with are maybe a little bit self-conscious to do a front-tuck and are worried about their tummy showing, so you can just do a little half-tuck so your tummy is still covered. But it gives a little point of interest. The second outfit is also monochromatic.

This is like a burgundy-ish look, again, I just think that the monochromatic is not only elegant but also very slimming and elongating. It just makes you kind of just also feel put-together. So, I love this look. I threw on a necklace, I just think a necklace is a great way to go because it creates that v-shape, which is also, you wanna create that illusion of an hourglass, so a necklace will do that. I threw on some snickers and voilá! Super soft, comfortable, and elegant. Now, for my next look, I just elevated the leggings and sweatshirt look. So, very common for many of my style clients too, wear a sweatshirt, maybe a hoodie and leggings, but you can also elevate those leggings! There’re so many cool textures and prints right now. This is also a piece I’ve picked up from Target.

These are kind of like they look like leather or they’re not, it’s just the fabric is a little bit more shiny, so it gives that kind of a cool vibe. I’ve paired them with the same shoes that you saw on the first outfit. Also, that gold is kind of incredible how that happens, but like the gold on the shoes picks up the gold from the first outfit and it works, and it also picks up the green from this next outfit here. So, it kinds of pulls it all together. And then, if you’re walking out the door you can just grab maybe a little moto leather jacket and it’s just a cool sleek look, I think. Very elevated and little on-edgy side. Speaking of edgy, I’ve also for this look, I’ve edged it up a little bit with this kind of faux leather sweatpants. Now again,

who said that sweatpants have to be boring?

Who said that they have to be sloppy?

Now the designers are really designing for you, for us, really paying attention to “Hey, you’re in loungewear most of the time”. There’s a lot of really cool, elevated pieces, and I think that these kind of faux leather pants are definitely a really cool way to go. I’ve paired it with a white top from Madewell, my favorite necklace, and a denim jacket if I’m going out the door. Of course, I think that the shoes add a little bit of edge and coolness as well. I’m wearing these with the no-show socks and…

voilá! Add a little like a hoop earring and you’re good to go! Elevated and sophisticated. And this last look, it’s actually what I’m wearing right now. So, I have this sweater that is kind of a little bit oversized. I don’t think that this is the most flattering style sweater for every single body type and body shape. I think that if you’re a little bit more busty it makes you look more busty, and that’s what you’re not trying to do.

Also, it does kind of accentuate the tummy area. So, you wanna just kind of watch out for a bit. I love these palazzo pants, it’s a nice splash of color, they’re super comfortable, I mean, it’s almost as if you’re not wearing anything. It’s just a really comfortable kind of pants. It doesn’t even have to be in a print or pattern, but these ones I think are really cool.

This is something that you’ll probably find all across online shopping because it’s just a really popular item and it’s, again, just a cool item. So, what’s important with this one, is you wanna wear something that is a little bit more fitted around the waist, and if not, you wanna do little tucks so you create that balance of fitted and loose. Now, I do have a loose top here with those pants, but again, it’s a little bit more fitted around the waist area. There you have it! I hope that you’ve enjoyed these tips, I’d love to hear from you, of your number 1 outfit:

What’s your favorite from these looks??

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