The best tricks in the kitchen to get a delicious food like a professional chef


Cooking is a delicate art. In fact, many people say it’s a mixture of art and science. For people who really love food, it’s not just about making something that fills your stomach, but making something that is the result of great chemistry.

Professional chefs keep all their cooking tricks a secret, only sharing them with their students. Nevertheless, we were able to discover some drops of the cooking wisdom. I have collected the cooking tricks of professional chefs from all over the world to help you make your dishes taste great. Or even better, here are some tricks that you will never give up for life

Perfect steak:

Never cook a steak that has just come out of the refrigerator and have it outside for an hour or two, until it becomes hot in the kitchen and the meat cooks evenly to get a great meal.
It takes a long time to fry the chicken or meat well, or you may simply make it dry. Many European chefs use a simple trick to avoid this. They put the meat in a brine. It is very easy to make a good brine solution from only three cups of water with a quarter cup of salt and 1/4 cup of sugar and cover the meat with this solution and put it in the refrigerator. The time for soaking in the brine depends on the thickness of your cuts of meat

Flavored spices:

If you prefer flavored and delicious dishes, this advice will please you very much. To extract the natural flavor and enhance the taste. Put the spices you like in frying pans until they are toasted and smelt their sweet aroma and then grind the spices well and put them in your plate you will get a more wonderful aroma

and taste. Fragile and soft:

Do you prefer to cook from scratch if you use the dough yourself? Here is a simple rule to get a perfect dough. Take the butter and eggs out of the refrigerator the night before to bring it to the kitchen temperature, and most importantly if you use yeast, put the dough in a warm place so that it puffs up. The more fluffy the dough, the more fluffy the pastry, and you will thank us later

Fish with delicious crust:

If you want to grill the fish, spread it with some mayonnaise to get a delicious and crunchy crust. It is best to use a little spice on the fish. Just salt and when it is done squeeze a little lemon to get the best results.

Mashed potatoes:

Mashed potatoes are the ideal comfort food, but it is difficult to get soft and delicate mashed potatoes, but we have a secret we want to share. Boiled potatoes need to dry before washing them, put them in a hot frying pan and leave them until they dry from the water and avoid burning them, and after mashing you will get potatoes Soft and delicious

Best pies:

Always add two tablespoons of sour cream to the mixture regardless of the freshness of the recipe that you follow, this recipe fits all types of pancakes will be delicious, thin and free of cracks, another tip depends on your patience. If you want the tastiest pies, keep the dough for 22 hours in the refrigerator, check that If you have any doubts

Sugar isn’t just a sweetener:

Sugar can be a good spice, such as salt, add sugar to pickled or fresh tomatoes or to tomato paste. Sugar reduces its natural acidity and makes any meal taste better.

Pure broth:

The pure broth is the main ingredient in many drinks, sauces and other dishes, and to get a very clear broth, you need to cook the chicken on low heat without covering it for at least three hours and remove the foam whenever it appears, and if you want to roast the vegetables All you have to do is put it in a hot frying pan without Hatta oil, give it a brown color and add it to the broth, this trick will make the dish taste rich.

Crunchy bread crust:

If you want to bread crunchy and crisp on the inside, you can solve this problem quite easily by placing a bowl of water in the oven when baking.

Cook the onions well:

Do you avoid using onions in your dishes because it turns into something strange every time you try to cook it? We have the solution. Use medium heat for frying, then add butter and onions and fry it with some salt. Salt does three good things, and it gets rid of the annoying onion smell and helps quickly Ripening and burning the sugar in the onion, which adds the sweet flavor

Don’t be afraid of garlic:

The smell of garlic is enough to ruin a meeting or date, if you love it but are afraid of its smell, do not add garlic to the plate, instead put garlic juice and thus avoid the bad smell and enjoy your favorite flavor

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