What Do Beets Actually Taste Like? Here’s What You Need To Know!


A lot of people are scared of eating beets and that’s probably because of the rumors that root vegetables taste really bad, which isn’t true at all. That’s what we are to discuss in this article.

If the beets are washed and prepared, you get a taste that is more like an earthly or floral flavor with some bit of sweetness on it. But depending on the manner and the ways of preparing the beets, the taste may be different and some tastes like sweetness can be more dominant.

Beets can be prepared in a variety of ways, raw, roasted, golden, canned and they all have different tastes, flavors, and different ways to cook and prepare them, and that’s what we are going to tackle in this article.


What do beets taste like

Here is a fact that you probably never heard of, a big percentage of the refined white sugar you put in your food comes from beets. Sugar beets are in the same family as red or purple beetroot that we are familiar with eating.

Beetroot doesn’t have the same degree of sweetness as sugar beets but it does contain sugar as well that if you knew how to use it will come out as a delicious meal that you can share with your loved ones.

Why do beets have earthy taste and smell?

Many people are terrified of beets, determined to believe that they taste like dirt. And, in all fairness, they can be a bit earthy in flavor, particularly if you are not used to them.
They’re a root vegetable and the soil will cling to them. If they’re not properly washed and cooked, your beets could have a dull, earthy flavor that verges on muddy.
Beets are root vegetables which means they are underground plant parts, and they have soil cling to them. That’s why people are usually afraid of eating beets saying that they taste like dirt. So what you have to do is to properly wash and cook those beets to get rid of that earthy taste if you don’t really like it.

When you properly prepare beets, they come out as sweet with some kind of a floral hint of flavor with a juicy crunch.
It is a bit similar to spinach and mushroom type of flavor. But if you find the smell of the air after a rainy day totally unpleasant then you’re probably not going to be enjoying beets as well.
Some people are more sensitive to this aroma and flavor than others, and this could influence your preference for or against beets.
Spinach, mushrooms, and beets all have a common compound called Geosmin that is responsible for their earthy taste, it is also the reason for the smell that results after a rainy day.

What do roasted beets taste like

Roasted beets bring out the sweet taste with a more concentrated flavor. It comes out with a tenderer, potato-like texture.

Roasted beets can bring out the taste of sweetness in a more concentrated manner. It can feel like a sweet and tender texture just like a roasted potato. One recipe example is toasted beets wedges that you can read here.

What do boiled beets taste like

If you want a fast and easy method for cooking beets besides using canned beets you can just boil them. This will make the beets have a more dim flavor and a soft texture that can be added to a lot of plates like salads. It can also be turned into a jus after boiling it with some little added sugar it can taste like a normal fruit juice.
Simple boiled beets with butter recipe.

What do steamed beets taste like

Steamed beets can be a fast way to cook beets as well but it’s not very recommended if you don’t like the earthy taste in beets because it stays after steaming the beets. It is recommended though to add a bit of coconut oil to alter the taste.

Steamed or roasted beets and beet greens with tahini sauce

What do golden beets taste like

Golden beets can be a little different than red beets.

Golden beets tend to be a little sweeter and can have a smaller amount of the earthy taste and more mellow intensity than that of the red beets. Due to its wonderful yellowish color, golden beets if roasted can be a great addition to any plate and can look marvelous in any type of salad.
Golden beets can be very beneficial for the heart by decreasing the risks of having heart disease, excellent kidney, and body cleansers, it can have a high amount of useful antioxidants, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, treats fatigue, and a lot more. Golden beets can also prevent the development of various cancers and can be good for the skin and eyes.

Roasted Golden Beets with Rosemary and Garlic

What do canned beets taste like

anned beets are very easily prepared. Canned beets have a longer shelf life and they are also very cheap and very useful. Fill up your pantry with canned beets if you ever needed to make a quick meal that contains some healthy veggies. Most of the canned beets are not expensive at all in fact, they are very cheap for as little as one dollar.

Canned beets can be a great source of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fibers. But unlike other canned root veggies, canned beets keep their earthy and sweet flavor maintained just like eating fresh beets.

You can eat canned beets simply by draining them and eating them straight from the can, you can use them in your salad or with your lemon juice and olive oil. The beet juice can be used as a natural red or pink beet dye when you bake something or you can add it to your soups as well.

Canned beets that do not contain salts are a perfect fit for smoothies, beet soup, and baked goods as for cupcakes, muffins, and cakes they taste delicious. You can as well add beets to your favorite sauce or dressing.

Canned pickled beets recipe

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