What is a CEO – TOP 5 Highest-Paid CEOs in the World


Every day you hear about CEOs of companies and how they make important decisions to guide their path to success, but what is the CEO in reality? How much control does the company have over the company? How much do they earn?

In today’s article we will take a look at who is the CEO and focus on some of the well-known CEOs who are the highest paid in the world, so what is the CEO? The CEO or CEO is the highest ranking person in the company, and his ultimate responsibility is to make major corporate decisions to manage the general operation of operations and act as the main point of contact between the board of directors and the company‚Äôs operations as well as the general face of the company. To become the CEO, you must be elected by the board of directors and shareholders. In the company, so let’s take a closer look at some of the famous CEOs and how much Jimmy Dimon will pay Jimmy Dimon if you don’t.

1: Chase Diamond

First, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase Diamond is actually one of the few CEOs of banks who became a billionaire thanks to the 485 million shares in the company in the school diamond psychology and economics at Tufts University after his graduation. In management consulting for two years before he went to Harvard Business School during the summer in Harvard, he worked at Goldman Sachs and after his graduation in 1982 he obtained an MBA as a baker in 2000, then became the CEO of one bank which is the fifth-largest bank in the United States On the hunt for J.P. Morgan, then he went to buy one bank in 2004, so Diamond became president and chief operating officer of both companies with so much responsibility for his shoulders Jimmy Dimon’s compensation is $ 31.5 million.

2: David Sasloff

David Sasloff David Zzlap is the President and CEO of Discovery Inc., a multinational media company founded in 1985 and headquartered in New York City. Media partnerships Not only is he in charge of NBC but his duties extended to bravo CNBC world sci-fi shop NBC Telemundo Telemundo Puerto Rico universal HD USA network NBC weather plus and Olympics on smaller cable
Becoming CEO of Discover, which was founded in 2007 and has been there ever since, in a merit discovery that has grown rapidly and has become one of the fastest-growing cable networks in the United States and a major network among women as CEO is a challenging task, but the rewards are fantastic as of 2020, the salary CEO David Sasloff is about $ 45.8 million

Now who wouldn’t want to make that much in a year by skipping over to the CEO

3: Lisa Su

Next, we have Lisa Su who is the CEO and head of Advanced Micro Devices which is a multinational semiconductor company that specializes in developing computer processors and related technologies now if I’m like me and don’t know what a semiconductor is, it’s a widely used component in an electrical circuit that conducts fuel Current, and we now know what we can focus on in Lisa early in her career. Texas Instruments IBM and free semiconductor engineering and management positions.

Her specialty is developing more efficient silicon on dielectric semiconductor manufacturing technologies and semiconductor chips.In October 2014, she was named president and CEO of AMD just two years after joining the company that is currently working at The Board of Semiconductor Alliance for Analog Devices and the American Semiconductor Industries Association. With a number of experts ds was named CEO of the year by the EE Times in 2014 and praised as one of the greatest CEOs of a company in the world in 2017 by Forbes as of 2020, and Lisa Su has grossed a total of $ 58.5 million in her role as CEO. Bob Swan

4: Bob Swann

Bob Swann has been the current CEO of Intel since 2016. Swann has a long list of positions on his resume and all of them are very impressive after getting back a few years ago, Swann started working at General Electric in 1985 after earning his MBA. Several senior financial positions during the period from 1988 to 1994 he was at GE overseeing corporate auditing personnel and then became a chief financial officer for the transmission system at GE from 1997 until 1998 he was the chief financial officer of medical systems at GE which oversaw Europe in 1999 and joined Webvan as vice president For financial affairs and from him he was the CEO of the company and the CFO of the company over the years, Swan held prominent positions at eBay PayPal holdings and general Atlantic LLC as you can see, Swann was more than qualified for success as CEO of Intel, and as a result, he got massive promotions.

5: Sunder Pichai

And finally, we have Sunder Pichai, who is a tech hunk who is the CEO of Alphabet Incorporated and its subsidiary google Pichai.
Born and studied in India, where he obtained his degree in engineering when he moved to the United States, Pichai earned a master’s degree in science from Stanford University in materials science and engineering in 2004, and joined Google where he led product management and innovation efforts for Google’s client software products, including So google chrome and chrome os in addition to being largely responsible for google drive plus he kept overseeing the development of other apps like Gmail and google maps chrome book was released in 2012 and in 2013 he added Pichai android to the list of google products which Pichai was chosen to become the next CEO of Google on August 10, 2015, after he was previously appointed chief product officer by CEO Larry Page, he ascended to the new position upon completion of drafting the alphabet, and included the new holding company for the google family as you can see many of the devices we use Today it came from the hard work and dedication of Sundar Pichai, you have the most highly paid CEOs in the world.

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